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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 6a  FOX  July 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at >> developing overnight, blocks from one another, victim race to the hospital. this morning, police trying to figure out if they're related, plus: >> i got hit in the mouth, then they put something over my face. >> an elderly woman attacked in her own home, crooks snatching the rings off her fingers, how she managed to fight back. >> million dollars mansion up in flames.
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why neighbors say their hearts are breaking for the homeowner. put so much of himself into this house. >> after days of pop up strong storms, what are we in for today? your weather authority looking ahead to your weaken. >> that's what we ned to do, look ahead to the weekendment only two days away. >> just after 6:00 this morning, we are glad to have you with us, from the elderly woman attacked to the two shootings just blocks apart, our crews on your top story this morning. >> but first, let's start with sue serio and your weather on the one's. we didn't quite make that heatwave. but sure was hot yesterday. >> yes, that's just saying it is official it, doesn't mean it wasn't warm, humid. right, we got to 89 degrees instead of 09. so okay, one heatwave so far this summer. but more to come i'm sure. now, today no 90s either expect temperatures too stay in the seasonable 80, a reason we're going with a six, scattered showers, storms, clouds that are around specially this morning.
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and you have greater chance of seeing showers the further south go, frontal system stalled to the south. so there is your pal bus stop buddy, hanging out at poolside. you got to keep an eye un the sky today. could see some showers around, it is cloudy, muggy, dog is, there may need your umbrella at some point today. so, ultimate doppler radar, most of the humidity to our south. keep an eye on things, that one little line of showers is about to move into kent county, delaware, out of the chesapeake bay. 74 degrees, kind of cloudy, but the sun is peaking through here and there, east southeast winds at 3 miles an hour, and relative humidity at 79%, so still casino of sticky out there, 87 degrees, our high temperature today. we've got partly sunny skies, chance of shower or thunderstorm every day this way. kalter thunderstorm, but break the pattern in a good way
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starting tomorrow. have your forecast coming up. caste? >> thank you, sue, a lot going on this, more a lot we need to get to. eagle road completely shutdown, downed pole, down wires, you can take 413 durham road the alternatement south philly police activity passyunk around 28th street. so expect slow down maybe detour there in place, whitemarsh water main break this morning, thought it cleared but it is still with us, redd rambler drive closed wistaria life. spring mill the alternate. headed out chalfont, more downed wires, south limekiln pike shutdown. west butler avenue, guys. >> now, to developing story, at a philadelphia frankford section. police say two shootings happening just couple of blocks apart. >> jennifer? >> well, good morning to you. still, no word on whether or not these two shootings could be related. what we do know is that two men now in the hospital after two separate shootings here in the frankford section of the
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city. you can see, police remain on scene, of the second shooting happened around 12:45 this morning, apparently 20 year old man was found lying on the gown, outside of this subway restaurant. there was shooting that happened about ten minutes earlier, at dara and philmore streets. that left 22 year old man shot in the rear, several shots in a car. victim was able to walk himself to aria frankford hospital where he is list in the stable condition three were seen running from the scene, and then minutes later right around on the corp. era second man was shot happened on the 4600 block of frankford avenue, again, that is in front of the subway restaurant, police tell us the victim was shot twice in the groin, and taken to aria torresdale hospital in critical condition. he is expected to survive. police are interviewing witnesses, trying to rounds out area surveillance footage,
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tell us northeast detectives is handling this investigation. dawn, kerry? >> all right, jenny, thank you. a texas father surrendering to authorities after a shooting rampage that killed four of his own children, and two adults. the situation unfolding yesterday inside after home in the town of spring, that town just north of houston. police say the man also critically injured his 15 year old daughter, she, though, was able to call police. and she later warned deputies that her father planned to go to her grandparents home to kill them, too. >> we were able to speak to one of the ladies shot in the head. she was verbally able to tell house actually did the shooting. it was a relative. >> police believe a domestic dispute what led to the violence. >> breaking news out every southwest philadelphia. a passyunk avenue stretch just reopened after a shooting this
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morning. area of the sunoco refinery, right near the intersection of 31st and passyunk. at this point, we don't have any indication, fortunately, that anybody was hit by the gunfire. we will will pass on any more information we get. >> two men knocked this woman out, rob her inside her own home. >> police this morning saying they're still looking for these 22. fox 29 live at police headquarters with the latest on their investigation. steve? >> two days in a row, headline of 91 year old attack, then nothing makes our viewers angrier, than seeing animals abused, kids abused and the most older residents here beaten up and abused. going to the video. this is the woman in the middle. see her faces blurted out. we didn't want it traumatize this ladies i ' situation, but she walks with a cane, this is her, being at least
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greatful she was able to walk out of the hospital after getting checked out, because she got punched in the face twice, among being roughed up. then, yesterday, it was really hot outment these guys put bag over her head at the height of the afternoon, when she walked in on them, at 2:00 in the after innocent when she came home from the senior center and saw two guys burglarizing her house, the burglary then turns into a robbery, as they beat her up, they ripped the rings off her fingers, take everything of value they can see and carry out of the house, out the back alley. looking at pictures of the front of her house, but it was the back of the house where they broke in through a screen, when they get out in the back alley neighbor confronted them because they saw these guys caring everything, they dropped the tv, suitcase full of her stuff and got away. that's how police got good look at them. it is a shame, dawn, kerrey, when she bit the finger of one of these guys, she didn't by the bit it any harder and bite it off. then police this morning would have at least one of their fingerprints for sure.
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>> germantown man under arrest after a tense hostage stand-off. happened last night. police responding to the 100 block of queen lane, where they say 40 year old man refused to let them into an apartment and started to shoot themment man finally surrender after swat teams were called n but when police entered the apartment, they say, they found 27 year old woman gagged and bound, in the bathroom. they have a relationship. >> repairs on the i495 bridge in delaware closer to completion. crews have gun to work to construct new underground foundations for the damaged portion that far bridge. officials say, they're moving ahead of schedule, how often do you hear that, and could towelly have the bridge reopened several weeks before the big labor day weekends. >> trapped, visitor gets lost and stuck inside after jail for more than a day.
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>> we were gunning for the heatwave, we sure did get close. as you see in the temperature trends, we didn't quite make t it wasn't official but still was hot yesterday. it was 89 degrees. as you can see we got to 93 monday, 59 tuesday, last thursday, was the last day of the first heatwave of 2014. so still have to wait for the next one. quick look at ultimate doppler, shows few ours of showers, thunderstorms, knotts too far from us. down there kent county, delaware, starting to get heavy rain. and lightning bolt, eastern shore of maryland, there is some thunderstorm activity. shows pops ups, 88 tomorrow, this should be dry day, on friday by saturday, 86 degrees, looks great. sunday might be the day that messes up the streak of fantastic weekend weather. chance of a thunderstorm, in the afternoon, on sunday.
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the question will be how early will that chance occur? hopefully we'll get through most of the day sunday without any thunderstorm activity. it stays warm and humid, with thunderstorms on monday and tuesday of next week. caste? >> thank you, sue. going out to the majors right now, still nothing to report. everything still looks good. everything moving along. unless of course headed out lower again he had. water main break with us all morning, knight road shutdown, portions between brookside drive and houston road. also portion of merion avenue at norma road. spring garden street the northbound side that will be your
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>> skyfox, 200 block of wyndham lane in wayne, as flames tore through this home. so far, crews have been unable
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to determine a cause, but they say, the homeowner had been working on his car, the car reportedly caught fire, the flames spread from the garage to the home. >> actually built this home himself, the homeowner. >> the homeowner was taken to the hospital with minor burns. a man from yeadon is un arrest this morning, accused of breaking into a woman's home in upper darby township. now, police are being looking into whether he may be connect today a series of bold bedroom break-in's in the middle of the night. twenty-one year old tyrell booker charged with the april break-in, at the home, on the 7200 block of goford road, said she was sleeping in her room to find him standing over her. >> she notice add gap between his team. four other similar cases
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reported in the weeks to follow, in one case, woman was groped. we were in the privacy of your home. your home is your cast em. and this bumm comes in, and whatever he was going to do, he didn't do, but, again, we, as a community, are very, very fortunate. >> out on parole after being jailed for burglary. just released for that in december. no word yet if charges in any of the other similar cases already filed. >> in washington state teen missing for two weeks has been found safe. seventeen year old angie dean was found yesterday, at about 4:00 in the afternoon, her family posted message on facebook asking or thanking, rather, everyone for their help. the teen disappeared on june 23rd, after sending her boyfriends a text saying she was involved in something that she couldn't get out of. >> a prostitute accused of killing a google executive made appearance in court. alex is accused of injecting
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forest haze with heroin, and leaving him on a yacht to die. prosecutors say the whole thing was caught on surveillance camera. she has been charged with felony manslaughter being held on more than million dollars bail. police say haze hired before this and this might not be the first time she left someone in trouble. former new orleans mayor ray make inspecting -- spending the next decade behind bars. convicted back in february, on corruption charges, for taking kickbacks from contractors looking for city work. this kickbacks included many trips and truckloads of free granite for his family business. prosecutors say that his crimes spanned his two terms as new orleans mayor including the years after hurricane katrina. president obama in texas, pushing his call for congress to approve nearly $4 billion to fight the immigration crisis. under heavy criticism, for not going to the border, president
6:19 am
obama attended a meeting with local leaders, and one every his most hearted crit being, texas governor rick perry, although they didn't sit next to one another, us facing surge every illegal immigrants from central america, and the president is calling it an urgent humanitarian situation. >> a lot of clean up happening in arizona this morning, after powerful storm there heavy rains, high winds, ripped through the town every sunday lake, knocking down trees and just ripping off roofs. at least one tree caused the sidewalk to buckle when it toppled over. witnesses say the storm was like a monsoon, fortunately, though, no one was hurt. take a look at that tree. wow. >> i guess it is not us. just us anyway that have had crazy stories. >> certainly not. >> you look very excited. >> morning, mike. >> no tie tuesday, right? >> no jacket thursday. >> what day is it? >> no pants friday. >> and thank goodness we're not on saturday. about four minutes away from good day philadelphia. we have an important question for you. are you real a grown up?
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husband. >> not! >> kidding, kidding. >> i want to an app to your phone, because you have the most interesting phone, it would just be entertaining to see what's going on. >> world cafe live last night. >> i saw the instagram pictures. >> and a woman came to give it back to me. >> that's nice. >> thank you, april. >> wonderful people in the world. forecast, i don't know, it is kind after six today out of ten. also cents a lot of clouds out there this morning. and a little bit of sunshine. it is still going to be sticky today, mix of sun and clouds, throughout the afternoon and once again, here we go. you can't rule out a pop up shower and thunderstorm. so few on ultimate doppler right now down to the south. and the further south you go the more after chance every a thunderstorm. today we don't expect to get to 09 degrees. we thought we might make it yesterday. today going for 87 degrees. sunset time is 8:31. there is your thursday forecast, from the weather
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authority. what's our big issue this morning, caste? >> right now, sue, 74 degrees, if you are driving into work right now, pretty smooth sailing on the majors, about two-five minute delay on 95 south, so nothing you can't deal with this morning. >> downed polls, downed wires, other issues, we'l
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(this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm howard eskin. worlds cup final set. germany will now play argentina going to brazil. yesterday, there goes a netherlands fans hoping for the wormed cup. halloween in brazil. 114th minute, that's extra time. argentina tries to score, they do not. so comes down to penalty kicks. this is the final penalty kick. they kick t they win. argentina wins it four-two-one penalty kicks. place germany sunday for the worlds cup. don't break up the phillies, they won again. all right, to milwaukee, ben revere, the if i east up, ramirez can't run, ben revere can't throw. four hop near home plant? all right, one-one. but then in the sixth inning,
6:26 am
jimmy rollins, breaks a zero for 20 slump with man on two strikes, two outs, that's a two run homer, and the phillies go onto win it, would you believe, four to one, they won three in a row, milwaukee lost eight out of nine. that's sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. thank you, howard. a long overdue homecoming one that two soldiers will never forget. >> i love this story. these two sold remembers brothers, but, they were separated as children and both are now back home after serving in the military overseas. louise and raoul were only toddlers when their parents were separated each taking one child. thirty-seven years passed, eventually, each learned the other was a solder, and both were serving in iraq. so now all of these years later they are together again, and they say their connection was immediate. >> kind of look liking at a twin but just a little shorter. >> i knew that was coming. >> you new the shortness would come. but we're blood brothers.
6:27 am
now we're brothers in arms, brothers in uniform. >> now that they're home the two say they have a lot of catching up to do. i believe that connection was immediate, too. >> yep. and they look, they look exactly the same. >> yes. >> hey, still ahead, surveillance capturing two guys on prowl in florida high school decked out in camouflage wearing masks. how their plans were derailed by a box of fruit loops. what's with the suit? oh, i had to go to the bank. if you look legit they give you special treatment. seriously? seriously, yeah. the banker dude set up my checking account so if i make one deposit a month, no monthly maintenance fee. special treatment! citizens bank, right? yep. you know they do that one deposit checking thing for everyone, right? got mustard on your suit. actually, it's your suit. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
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>> two men storm inside a woman's home, attack her and snatch the rings off her own hand. she talks to fox 29 how she managed to fight back. >> young couple now accused in a hit-and-run that changed a young man's life forever. the great lengths police say that they went to to cover up their crime. plus: >> i haven't experienced anything like this before. >> a little dog, left paralyzed, forced to drag his back legs behind him. but the kindness of strangers is getting walley back on his feet. cute, cute story. okay, it is 6:30, on this thursday morning. very glad to have you with us. weather on the one's, we just missed the heatwave, although, i don't think many people would, yes, an agree, sue? >> i've shed my tears already. i'm finish now.
6:31 am
it is just a number. it was still hot and humid. we got to 89 yesterday. so we were pretty close. now we'll see what happens today. ninety isn't even in the forecast for today. nor is the whole lot of sunshine. we have got clouds out, there mug toy start, there is the dog with bus stop buddy, muggy the dog. temps in the 60s, 70s there is morning, so poolside may be tricky, you may have to keep your eye on the sky. of course, watch out for those showers, that could be around today's number is a six, because of the chance of showers, especially the further south you go, temperatures are, though, expected to stay in the 80s, today. frontal system has stalled in the area. we were watching some showers around kent county, delaware, and they're still there. we will examine that a little bit more closely coming up. >> identification southeast winds, relative humid i had at this at 79%. still muggy to start.
6:32 am
>> eighty-seven today, chance of pop up shower, thunderstorm, tonight that chance is, there as well. but will we stay this way for friday? with a about the weekend? all of those questions answered coming up. right now, my question is ... where is the worse problem you got this morning, caste? >> well a lot of roads are closed so i go with here, there, everywhere. lower again he had knight road closed additional closure merion avenue at norma reached you have water main break there. so imagine not good situation. north spring garden street is the alternate for that one. spring mill road the alternate in whitemarsh, this is water main break two. redd rambler drive closed at wistaria lane. newtown eagle road shutdown, knights road, downed wire, durham zero road is alternate. south limekiln pike closed to up new jersey area, downed pole, downed wires, bristol road the alternate. aside from that the majors actually look good.
6:33 am
>> we will take it, thanks, kacie. happening now philadelphia police searching for two men who robbed a 91 year old woman, inside her cobbs creek home. >> fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters this morning with the very latest. steve? no doubt will anger everyone at home like it is doing everybody here at headquarters. for the second day in a row, second case every another 19 year old robbed and roughed up in the city, we reported just yesterday on that 91 year old man, pushed down and robbed on frankford avenue after he left his bank and now yesterday, just few hours after our story, another 91 year old there is time woman, punched in the face twice, and had a bag put over her head at the height of the heat yesterday. because it was hot out, look at the video. this 91 year old west philly woman new to lock up her downstairs, but she had the screenings in upstairs, and that is how police tell us these two local teenagers are 20 something's climb up then through heroin dough to get into the back of her house. but then she came home at 2:00 from her senior center,
6:34 am
while they were still inside. >> well i was very scared and shook up. because this was a strange experience. i got hit in the mouth then they put something over my face, so i couldn't see their face. then they took my two hands, my rings. that's about all i remember. >> terrible crime at this point. again, she is very aware of what happened here today. she is little shaken but has been very helpful to us. we need the community to rally around this young lady and help us get these kids off the street. >> just knowing -- >> oh, no doubt, no doubt, especially, during the day like that, and the 92 year old woman. you know? i guess we are going have to get with the police commissioner, something, find out really what's going on. >> reporter: very happy to hear that she bit one of these
6:35 am
guys while he was ripping the two rings that she had on her fingers, and one of the rings is all they ended up with because they dropped the other one, and they dropped everything else they carried out, that a tv stuffed in one her suitcases, but one of her neighbors in in the back alley confronted them as they left the house. that's how they ended up getting away with nothing. they just ran. that's how police got pretty good description or good estimate of their ages, 18 to 21. here's one other thing the police tell us they just got. because she bit that guy on the finger, dawn, kerrey, it is likely why one of them they had gloves on. that's why no fingerprints inside the house. one of them likely ripped off the glove to look how bad his finger was hurt, dropped that glove, as women, because it was hot out, he probably sweat in it, police now the glove checked for dna. may be able to check the guy through that if he is ever been arrested before and had dna sample take glenn let's so, it is madmen when you think about it, 19 year old woman, yes. steve, thank you. the man accused of stocking -- stalking and raping a doctor inside of her
6:36 am
rid rittenhouse home in june is due in court today. a preliminary hearing is set for milton garcia. police say last month garcia followed the victim to her spruce street apartment, forced her inside and sexually assaulted her. investigators are seeing if he may have been involved in any other attacks. we are also following a developing story out of philadelphia's frankford section, where two shootings happened, just a couple of blocks apart overnight. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at the scene with the very latest, jennifer? >> well, good morning, that's right, two men struck by gunfire in two separate shootings here in the frankford section of the city. the second one happened about 12:45 this morning, still, police remain on scene. apparently a 20 year old man was found lying on the ground, outside of this subway restaurant, right across the street. there was also a shooting that happened ten minutes earlier, at dara and philmore streets, left 22 year old man shot in the rear several cars on the
6:37 am
block punctured by bullets. police say at least 15 shots were fired, from two different guns. the victim was able to walk himself to aria frankford hospital where he is list in the stable condition. police say three male suspects were seen running away from the scene. then taking off in a black suv. then, just minutes later, right around the corner a second man shot, happened on the 4600 block of frankford avenue. again, in front of that subway restaurant. police tell us the victim was shot twice in the groin and taken to aria torresdale hospital in critical condition. he is expected to survive. >> the shootings were both in very close proximity to each other, about two blocks. and the shootings occurred within ten minutes of each other. so at this time we're not sure if they're isolated instances or if they're related. but we know, each of these victims was shot at separate locations. >> so, police are interviewing witnesses hoping to get their hands on private surveillance
6:38 am
footage. northeast detectives is handling this investigation. dawn, kerry? >> cerne casino work remembers trying to save their jobs. >> employees protested the plan shutdown of the gaming hall more than 2,000 workers received notice the, the casino plans to close at the end of next month. and the casinos for sale, since january 3 of the town's 12 casinos, have either closed or threatens to close. next, just vets something, but somehow he wounds up getting trapped in a county jail, by himself, for 30 hours. the amazing way this guy managed to get out. and ... >> just happened to be fruit loops there. got kind of hungry and ate the fruit loops. >> that's right, fruit loops,
6:39 am
how the cereal derailed this
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> it will be pretty cloudy out there at the beach today t looks like there is a chance of a, you know what i'm going to say, pop up shower or thunderstorm. now, during the time set it is dry, beach winds out of the northwest 10 miles an hour. the temperature, the air
6:42 am
temperature, is in the mid 70s. surf temperature is at 70 degrees. low rip countries being but uv index that is moderate. only five instead of yesterday's nine. so there is a frontal system came through. we had some showers in some places yesterday. and now it is kind of stalled to our south. so we're watching some pop up showers and thunderstorms. we see some lightning around easton, maryland, and then as we move over to kent county, delaware, around milford, harrington, some pockets of heavy rain, and look what just popped up in cape may county. around middle township there it looks like a pocket of heavy rain as well. so, that's the deal. you just never know when they're going to pop up. because the close proximity of this frontal system, see there to the south, high pressure trying to build in, but i don't think it will make it really until tomorrow. so we're still unsettled, during the day today. as we look ahead in our future cast, there you see, pop up showers and thunderstorms around most of them to the south. can't rule it out in
6:43 am
philadelphia. we'll see maybe more clouds than sun at times. but by tomorrow, things do start to clear out and we should have a dry day on friday. 74 degrees in philadelphia right now. still muggy, but cooled off a lot in the poconos where it is 57, 73 in dover, 673 atlantic citiment dew point above 60 degrees where it starts to feel sticky. dew .67 in philadelphia right now. 87 degrees is sour high today. eighty-eight tomorrow. and saturday. so friday, saturday, best weekend days. if you count friday in there, we know there are plenty of people who do and take off on fry's in the summertime. sundays the if-ee day with possibility of late day showers, and thunderstorms. caste? >> thank you, sue amount lot to get to this morning. but taking a look quickly at the majors, 59, you'll have about a ten to 15 minute delay. headed southbound woodhaven to the vine 76, little jammed right around city avenue the boulevard this morning, so little slow there everywhere else does look okay. if you're trying to head
6:44 am
eastbound on route 30, white horse pike in winslow township the right lane block there at 536. lower gwyneth, night road closed, water main break in, north spring garden street is the alternate. dawn? >> major development. police arrest young couple and charge them with the crime. and investigators say the two went to great lengths to try to cover up their tracks it was april 21st, along chester pike ridley park. hit-and-run seriously injuring 18 year old christopher brooks. police say 25 year old, adrien mccrea was behind the wheel of a ford f150 at the time of the crash. they say her 31 jerold boyfriend, ty winsheimer helped cover up the crime by lying to police and ultimately selling the truck. >> it disturbs me to think that an individual can do harm to another individual, lever him on the side of the road to
6:45 am
die, and not provide any assistance at all and go through the sense that is they did to cover this up. >> the victim lost his legs below the right knee, still recovering from all every his injuries. mccrea and winsheimer are both facing numerous charges. police in florida say two guys got high and then broke into their old elementary school in order to eat foot loops. now, the cereal highs has them charged with a felony. the pair spoke out to fox's michael single ton. >> hyped up, ready for adventure, didn't think it would end with mugshots, and hours inside the hernando county jail. their adventure started last thursday, brown says he lost his phone, thought it might be at a landfill, so they dressed up like this. >> if we go find my phone in the dump we had to put the proper equipment on. >> their roommate snapped this picture before they left. they might have been what got them caught. masks, head gear with lights,
6:46 am
dark colored clothing, as they say, the perfect attire. seven hours later, they finds the phone. >> we were kind of excited like yes, this is cool, we're already dressed up. let's go, you know, somewhere. >> that somewhere challenger, the school brown and ramos attended years ago. >> really just wanted to go back and see our olds school. >> they say they got in through the roof. >> basically scaled 3-story wall, went in through the roof hatches, walk around. >> those hatches were apparently unlocked. one inside? >> just explored the whole place. just walk aroundment didn't real i go in any classrooms. the fruit loops were in the cafeteria. >> in part of the story they say has been blown way out of proportion. >> we weren't in search of fruit loops. i know that's been a big thing, everyone saying we were looking for fruit loops. but it just so happened that there were fruit loops there. kind of got a little hungry and ate some of the fruit loops. everything just went focused on the fruit loops i think.
6:47 am
>> what should it have focused on if anything. >> challenge the security, should have kept the roof locked. that's a big security problem there. >> this sheriff's offers says these guys are the problem. and were handled cord inning. >> i when you break-in to commit a crime, then that's a burglary, and that's a felony. so, the detectives are doing their job and while some people don't agree, that that's what we're here to do. >> that was michael single ton reporting. yes, interesting. >> the fruit loops, weren't after them. >> yikes. unbelievable story out of illinois. man gets trapped inside of a jail for more than a day. this, though, was not intentional. he was not a prisoner. >> no there is guy simply visiting his son. happened over the fourth of july weekend at cook county jail. the jail's executive director says the man was leaving after seeing his son when somehow he ended up inside a visiting room, the steel door closed behind him, locking, trapping him for more than 30 hours.
6:48 am
>> fortunately had the foresight to see the sprinkler head and break it off and so the room began to floodment chicago fire department was alerted very early monday morning. and, fortunately, what was able to get him out that far room. >> still, 30 hours before he was rescued. officials now want to know why no one noticed that the man had not checked out of the jail. all right, in entertainment headlines, more trouble this morning for justin bieber and yes it is going to cost him. >> it is. a judge ordered bieber to pay more than 08 grand in restitution for that egg throwing incident we heard about last jannie think it was. he is also now on probation. witnesses say, that they videotaped him throwing eggs, damaging his nab or's home. of course this isn't his first run in with the law. he currently faces two other cases in florida and toronto.
6:49 am
and congratulations are in order for actors eva mendez and ryan gosling, reportedly expecting a child together according to several media entertainment outlets. >> this will be the first baby for them. mendez is reportedly seven months along, the couple have been dating now for three years, they're going to have some pretty babies. >> you can't hide it at seven months. cat's out of the bag. >> nominations for this year's and prime time emmy award will be announced later this morning. awards show will be held august 25th at the nokia theatre in la. >> of course we will car that i announcement live on good day philadelphia, coming up at 8:30. and you'll lots be able to get full list of nominees on our website the american museum of natural history doing something little differently these days, it is hosting mike and adult sleep over. what is that exactly? that's a good question. on august 1st, you can spend the night under a giant whale. >> did that last night.
6:50 am
>> (laughing). >> the whale just reason endly had been cleaned. yours, mike? >> yes. >> very good. for 375 bucks, that also gets you three course dinner, entertainment and breakfast snack. no pj's or night east allowed, since hanky panky is a big no no. >> mike? >> okay. >> and bring a sleeping bag. sleep overs for children have been going on for awhile, ever since that movie night at the museum. >> that was robin williams, wasn't it? >> was it? >> ben sylmar that, maybe? >> yes. >> that's pretty good film. hey, good day starts in about nine minutes. so j crew the clothing company under fire this morning for its new sizing, the company says it is a legitimate need out there. while critics call it just a way to trick customers, j crew new triple zero waist size. okay.
6:51 am
>> oh, man, we've all been there, the first time home alone with a baby. baby starts to cry. what do you do to get them to stop spying? cell phone ad that proves technologies. good old-fashioned touch. right, sue? >> i'm still laughing at the night of the museum. keep it moving. >> i did spend the night at the academy of natural sciences. >> had a sleep over there. >> did the animals come alive? >> the dinosaurs were little scary, i thought one was going to get me. >> ya. >> well, we're fine now. and things will be okay today. unless you get a pop up thunderstorm, and you know what? they're back in the forecast again, we have a few left over showers around this morning. mostly to the south, delaware, southern new jersey, for this afternoon, partly cloudy skies, pop up thunderstorms, mostly south of us, again,
6:52 am
but, you know, you could see one around here. friday looks pretty good, still. it looks like we will be drying out. and it won't be quite as humid. so, that's a look ahead. at least through tomorrow. if tomorrow seems to be get away day for you, kacie, make those plans. but you have to be here tomorrow. >> get going. yes, i am here tomorrow. then all next week and the following week and the next week. whitemarsh, closed wistaria lane, spring mill road the alternatement a loft water main breaks, a love of polls, a lot ♪
6:53 am
come have fun at sesame place with everyone's favorite furry friends. enjoy rides where you can splash... and whirl. and, play in the all-new cookie's monster land. with 5 exciting rides, a monster clubhouse and more! get unlimited visits and more with a season pass for six payments of $18. ♪ meet me at sesame place!
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>> customers at a liquor store gets quite a scare, a deer comes charging through the windowment one man-made a run for it, even dropping his beer, taking offer out the door. deer went running through the aisles for about five minutes causing quite a commotion before eventually taking off. the good news is the deer, it is okay, and incredibly, no bottles were broken, no one was hurt. apparel identified pooch from florida getting new set of wheels. thanks to the kindness, and compassion, of complete strangers. six year old walley was drop off for weekend stay at the kennel, when his owner pick him up. walley couldn't walk. he was dragging his two back legs. while the vet work to rehab walley, his owner wasted no
6:56 am
time figuring outweigh to help him get around. she took her big plans and her high hopes to hope depo where walley met two guard jane angels who made him a special doggy wheelchair. >> you know, like a square piece, and took some velcro, made -- >> the dog got real excited it was like spinning around, because i gave it swivel wheels so it could turn. >> bear spent -- the pair even covered the cost, believe it or not, meantime, walley is slowly regaining the use of his legs. and coming up next on good day philadelphia, it is promoted as a way to bring you closer to your significant other. but it seems like spying from text messages, emails, facebook chats, pictures, the new app that will show you everything on your partner's phone. how much would you pay for that? and that's not a shadow in the water. it is millions of tiny fish, why this massive school of
6:57 am
anchovy is leaving experts stumped. ♪
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come have fun at sesame place with everyone's favorite furry friends. enjoy rides where you can splash... and whirl. and, play in the all-new cookie's monster land. with 5 exciting rides, a monster clubhouse and more! get unlimited visits and more with a season pass for six payments of $18. ♪ meet me at sesame place! >> gunshots, victims race to the hospital, police trying to figure out if they are related. plus, a million dollars mansion at least, up in flames. why neighbors say their hearts are breaking for the homeowner
7:00 am
who put so much of himself into this stunning home. well, it was stunning. and, i need some proof this morning, i need to find, show me, so me picture after woman who was size triple zero. what waist size would that be? we found the average waist size of an american woman watch do you think it is, in the 20's or 30's. >> and you really can't spell shack without q. >> you are absolutely right, we will turn good day philadelphia until fox sports one. we have shaquile o'neil, and we have lesean mccoy of the eagles here on "good day". >> yes. >> can't wait to see shady again right here in our studio. but, here is the hashtag of the day. fox 29 pet peaves. that is fox fursday, we love our animals on this show, no question about it. but, a lot more restaurants are inviting animals into the restaurant, right? >> right. >> there are some things that kind of bug other people about your pets. >> yes. >> so what bugs you about people


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